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Bottega Grappa Fior De Latte

Bottega Grappa Fior De Latte

Fior di Latte is a creamy and sweet white chocolate and Grappa liqueur. Made with Grappa from the Veneto combined with silky white chocolate. Suitable as an after-dinner drink to be consumed chilled. Delicious with fresh strawberries.

Nardini Grappa Tagliatella

Nardini Grappa Tagliatella

As its name implies, Tagliatella is a grappa-based 'cocktail' of complex flavours. While the aroma of fresh cherry juice predominates, the drink features natural ingredients deployed in a wide range of products in Nardini's grappa and aperitivo range.

Fruity, with a well-calibrated bitter/sweet ratio, Tagliatella is typically enjoyed neat over ice, or with a splash of soda. It is especially refreshing as a summer drink - the 'Bassano Mule' -enjoyed long with ginger beer.

Bluebird Curlies Corn Snacks Chips 150gr

Bluebird Curlies Corn Snacks Chips 150gr

An alternative to Twisties with their own unique cheesy flavour, but with all the soft puffyness! 

Flavoured corn based snack.

Salatin Pinot Nero

Salatin Pinot Nero

The wine is fresh and lively, an elegant tannic structure makes it smooth and soft

It matches with tasty fish and white and red meats. Perfect with cheeses.

Nardini Grappa Bianca

Nardini Grappa Bianca

Far and away Italy's best-selling premium grappa, Nardini Bianca remains unchallenged as the connoisseur's benchmark. Authentically high in strength, 'Bianca' fills the palate with an exciting sparkle, then - largely thanks to its fine balance and extraordinary distillation quality - surprises the drinker with its remarkably gentle follow-through. It's not hard to appreciate why this grappa continues to be valued for its digestive capabilities as well as its excellent flavour. Scored a coveted 'Silver' in the 2006 International Wine & Spirit Competition.


Pomace of Pinot, Tocai and Cabernet grapes harvested in the hills and foothills area of the Veneto region of Italy, enclosed between the Brenta and Piave rivers.In appearance it is Transparent and crystalline, and in aroma it is Frank, generous and immediate fragrance.

Nardini Grappa Di Ruta

Nardini Grappa Di Ruta

Each bottle of Ruta features a large sprig of rue, a bitter herb that gives this unusual grappa a delightfully astringent flavour.

Although the infusion is an acquired taste for some, Ruta has many advocates and was always the personal favourite of Aldo Signetti, the legendary head barman at Dukes Hotel in St James.

In homeopathy, rue is sometimes used as a fever suppressant, but according to Italian folk-lore it not only increases male potency but assists women to relax. A fairly useful combination.



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