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Sapporo Original 355ml

Sapporo Original 355ml

Sapporo Premium Beer is a perfectly balanced golden lager brewed with the Japanese attention to detail. The slow cool fermentation balances delicate hops and esters with a full malt char acter. The authentic brewing techniques and quality ingredients used have produced a crisp and refreshing lager beer. Alc/Vol 5.0%

$51.99 (case 24)
Asahi Midstrength Soukai 330ml

Asahi Midstrength Soukai 330ml

Asahi Soukai delivers a clean, smooth taste that embodies the sophisticated, Japanese way of life whilst still retaining that unmistakable refreshing, crisp Asahi Super Dry taste. Born of Asahi Super Dry, Asahi Soukai is an easy-to-drink, non-filling, sessionable beer, expertly brewed using quality Japanese brewing techniques. Asahi Soukai is light in colour and alcohol, with a body that has a clean, refreshing taste, with a slight bitter note that provides a balanced flavour, while its effervescent sparkle acts as a great thirst quencher.

$49.99 (case 24)
Kirin Ichibanshibori 330ml

Kirin Ichibanshibori 330ml

This amazing beer offers the quality only seen in Japan, this fully imported beer needs to be tried to be appreciated.

$75.00 (case 24)
Asahi Super Dry 330m

Asahi Super Dry 330m

Through an innovation in Japanese brewing techniques, Asahi Super Dry has a delicate, yet rich, full-flavoured body with a refreshing dry aftertaste. Asahi is brewed using the best quality ingredients – yeast, malt, hops, maize & rice. With consumers’ preferences in mind, Asahi is designed to go perfectly with any meal while maintaining its refreshing quality. It’s no wonder it’s the preferred premium Japanese beer for consumers in Australia.

$49.99 (case 24)


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  • Sale!Grant Burge Pinot Chardonnay Nv

    Grant Burge Pinot Chardonnay Nv

    The palate is rich and generous with a real vitality thatís heightened by the creamy mouth-feel.

  • Sale!Ta-ku Sauvignon Blanc

    Ta-ku Sauvignon Blanc

    Bright tropical fruits and passionfruit aroma with a refreshing tropical fruit flavour.

  • Sale!Coopers Pale Ale 375ml Green

    Coopers Pale Ale 375ml Green

    Guaranteed to turn heads, this is the beer that inspired a new generation of ale drinkers. With its fruity character, and robust flavour, Coopers Pale Ale is perfect for every occasion.

    Naturally fermented in the 'Burton-on-Trent' style, a secondary fermentation creates the trademark sediment that gives 'Pale' its fine cloudy appearance. This cloudy residue can be stirred through the beer by tipping or rolling the bottle before drinking.

    Pale Ale has no additives or preservatives.

  • Sale!Taylors Pinot Gris

    Taylors Pinot Gris

    The wine has distinctly lifted varietal aromas of ripe pear, apple and melon with a subtle blossom perfume. The overall bouquet is fresh, clean and very enticing.

    This wine, crafted in the French style of the varietal, has an elegant palate with regional varietal characters of pear, apple, citrus and subtle spice. There is a pleasing texture to the mid-palate with overall good acid balance and fruit persistence.