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Sale!Monte Gorna Nicosia Etna Rosso Organic

Monte Gorna Nicosia Etna Rosso Organic

The famous native Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes grown on high-elevation volcanic slopes of Mount Etna produce a rich and complex wine with a great minerality and flavoursome aromas such as red fruit, herbs, spices and liquorice. On the palate, this volcanic wine is well-balanced, with refined tannins and a long balsamic finish.

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Crittenden The Zumma Chardonnay

Crittenden The Zumma Chardonnay

The nose of the 21 Zumma Chardonnay has lemon zest and fig with almonds notes to provide some savouriness. The palate is rich and complex, with a lovely finesse due to the cool maritime climate. Enjoy with a roasted chicken with thyme butter, grilled scallops, creamy fish pie.

Rupes Amaro Gift Box 700ml

Rupes Amaro Gift Box 700ml

Torre Mora Etna Rosso Scalunera Piccini

Torre Mora Etna Rosso Scalunera Piccini

Torre Mora is a boutique winery uniquely located on the Etna volcano, a black mountain looking at a blue shining sea. A blend of Nerello Mascalese, and Nerello Cappuccio which has been aged for 24 months in oak gives an intense deep ruby colour and complex, dark fruit, black cherry, plums, spice, coffee with austere, elegant, firm tannins.

Sensi Nero Davola Collezione

Sensi Nero Davola Collezione

The Nero D'Avola wine has an intense ruby red color, brilliant, with violet reflections. The aroma is complex, spicy with notes of violets, dried prunes, cherry and strawberry. Enjoy this wine with red meats, game and mature cheeses.

Vinci Rossovivo Nero Davola Sicilia

Vinci Rossovivo Nero Davola Sicilia

Brilliant ruby ​​red with violet reflections. Ample and pleasant fruity and spicy notes reminiscent of cherries, morello cherries, wild berries and vanilla. Soft, balanced, rightly tannic, with excellent acidity and overall final persistence. Perfect to accompany main courses based on white, roasted or grilled red meats, also ideal with cured meats and spicy soft cheeses 



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  • Sale!Pikes The Assemblage Shiraz Mouv Grenache

    Pikes The Assemblage Shiraz Mouv Grenache

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  • Sale!Mama Lemon Moscato

    Mama Lemon Moscato

    Grape Variety Moscato and Lemon. Bouquet Intense citrus and lemon notes. Taste Good citrus freshness, accompanied by a pleasant drink and long persistence.

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  • Sale!Fernet Branca Menta

    Fernet Branca Menta

    Brancamenta, the unmistakable mint-flavour liqueur, gives you an intense pleasure thrill at every sip.

    Its secret formula includes herbs imported from five continents and mint essential oil, creating a high-quality natural drink with refreshing, thirst-quenching qualities. A true tonic with a pleasant mint taste, a drink perfect for all seasons. Success guaranteed.

    You can taste your Brancamenta in the traditional style, straight or with some ice. Or, if you love the latest trends, drink it from an ice glass.

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  • Sale!Beltion Red Ap Aperitivo

    Beltion Red Ap Aperitivo

    Nicknamed 'The Spritzmaker', Beltion's new bright red aperitif is created with oranges, herbs, spices and aromatic roots. It is the essential ingredient for making the most classic Italian pre-dinner drink: the Spritz (Prosecco, RedAp and soda water)

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