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Imported Beers

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • Almaza Beer 330ml

    Almaza Beer 330ml

    Mastered over time, delivering the perfect taste every time, remarkably refreshing, smooth, bright and cheerful.

  • Ambar 1900 330ml Pale Ale

    Ambar 1900 330ml Pale Ale

    High temperature fermentation reveals the fullness of aroma from the yeast. The control techniques employed by the brew masters allow these full-bodied, though subtle aromas, created by the yeast as it ferments the wort, to be enjoyed almost limitlessly. Pale in colour and with a fine froth, this ale is gentle on the palate and has the flavour of fresh fruit and the aroma of freshly-roasted malt. Moderately bitter, it is a pleasure to drink from dusk to the early hours of the morning.

  • Amstel Imported Beer 330ml

    Amstel Imported Beer 330ml

    This batch has a Best Before 07/2021

  • Asahi Super Dry Cans 500ml

    Asahi Super Dry Cans 500ml

    Through an innovation in Japanese brewing techniques, Asahi Super Dry has a delicate, yet rich, full-flavoured body with a refreshing dry aftertaste. Asahi is brewed using the best quality ingredients – yeast, malt, hops, maize & rice. With consumers’ preferences in mind, Asahi is designed to go perfectly with any meal while maintaining its refreshing quality. It’s no wonder it’s the preferred premium Japanese beer for consumers in Australia.

  • Bakalar Non Alcoholic Lager 330ml

    Bakalar Non Alcoholic Lager 330ml

  • Baltika N3 Classic Can 4.8alc 900ml

    Baltika N3 Classic Can 4.8alc 900ml

    Baltika 3 is a classical European pilsner brewed with bitter and aroma hops. The delicate flavour and smooth taste of Baltika No. 3 are inherent to pale beer; they are invariable and iconic. It is a great all-occasion beer with a nice malty body, refreshing and light yet full of flavour.

  • Baltika N4 Dark Vienna Lager 5.6%alc 470ml

    Baltika N4 Dark Vienna Lager 5.6%alc 470ml

    Baltika 4 a dark lager based on the Vienna lager recipe of 1841. It is brewed using pale caramel and rye malts, giving it a distinctive dark amber colour with reddish tints and an aroma of bread crust and caramel overtones. It has a rich grain flavour and pleasant hop bitterness.

  • Baltika N6 Porter 500ml

    Baltika N6 Porter 500ml

    Baltika 6 is brewed with pale, caramel and black patent malt, elite hops and special yeast strains. It has an opaque dark colour, a rich taste and a light wine aroma with distinctive notes of raisins and prunes. Baltika 6 is mentioned in The World’s 500 Best Beers, a book by beer guru Michael Jackson.

  • Baltika N7 Export Can  900ml

    Baltika N7 Export Can 900ml

    The most popular kind of Baltika in a giant 1L can!

    Baltika 7 is stronger than classical pilsners but still supremely drinkable. It has a distinctively soft taste with a pleasantly refreshing aftertaste. Due to elite aroma hops, the taste of Baltika 7 has slightly bitter accents and pronounced ethereal aroma with subtle alcohol notes. A pull tab negates the need for a bottle opener.

  • Baltika N9 Strong Lager Can 900ml

    Baltika N9 Strong Lager Can 900ml

    Baltika 9 is a lager, yet, it has a much higher density and is twice as strong as classical lager. It boasts a rich, light and pleasant taste with pronounced bitterness of hops and sweet overtones. This beer owes its amazing strength solely to longer natural fermentation with use of special yeast strains.

  • Becks Imported From Germany

    Becks Imported From Germany

    This batch has a Best Before Date of: 10/2021

    Fully imported! Becks was founded in 1873 and has been dedicated to quality and innovation since its inception. Still brewed today under the German Purity Law of 1516, Becks offers a distinctly crisp and flavoursome lager direct from Germany.

  • Birra Italia 330ml

    Birra Italia 330ml

    The Birra Italia is a premium lager made by using high quality European hops and selected yeasts. The colour is light gold. Full and persistent with a clean and refreshing finish. Delicate and well-balanced.