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Marzadro 18 Lune Riserva Grappa Porto

Marzadro 18 Lune Riserva Grappa Porto

Marzadro 18 Lune Riserva Grappa Porto


A second special edition of the Grappa Stravecchia, Le Diciotto Lune. Riserva Botte Porto comes from an additional aging period of eighteen months, in a limited number of selected barrels previously used to age Porto wine. The extra refinement highlights the sharper Grappa-wood contrast and the Porto barrels add a fruity scent. A combination of unique sensations. Grape varieties are Marzemino, Teroldego and Merlot, Muscat and Chardonnay. Ageing process, aged for 36 months. Aging method is18 months in small barrels made of different woods then 18 months in Porto barrels.

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SKU: 6844. Category: Spirits/Grappa.

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