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Nardini Grappa Bianca

Nardini Grappa Bianca

Nardini Grappa Bianca


Far and away Italy's best-selling premium grappa, Nardini Bianca remains unchallenged as the connoisseur's benchmark. Authentically high in strength, 'Bianca' fills the palate with an exciting sparkle, then - largely thanks to its fine balance and extraordinary distillation quality - surprises the drinker with its remarkably gentle follow-through. It's not hard to appreciate why this grappa continues to be valued for its digestive capabilities as well as its excellent flavour. Scored a coveted 'Silver' in the 2006 International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Pomace of Pinot, Tocai and Cabernet grapes harvested in the hills and foothills area of the Veneto region of Italy, enclosed between the Brenta and Piave rivers.In appearance it is Transparent and crystalline, and in aroma it is Frank, generous and immediate fragrance.

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SKU: 495. Category: Spirits/Grappa.

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