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Howard Park Flint Rock Shiraz

Howard Park Flint Rock Shiraz

Howard Park Flint Rock Shiraz

$23.99 - $21.99 (by the mix case)

The welcoming ripe fruit notes of plums and dark cherries dusted with the scent of rose petals and red jelly crystals create an anticipatory air. With a little time to unwind, savoury notes of spice, earth and liquorice rise and deftly mingle with the supple fruit, soft tannins and oak’s vanilla and mocha seasonings. Whilst warm and rich, the palate’s elegance of structure, subtle complexities, balance and lasting flavour make for a compelling tasting experience. In style, structure and flavour, this wine inclines more to Syrah than Shiraz as it reflects and reveals its cool continental origin.

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SKU: 10058. Category: Wine/Shiraz.

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