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  • Adriano Marco Barbaresco Basarin

    Adriano Marco Barbaresco Basarin

    Dry flavour, pleasantly tannic and harmonious, of gentle robustness that reveals consistency and extraordinary aristocracy.
    Pair with red meat dishes, game and seasoned cheeses. 
  • Bosca Luigi Barbaresco

    Bosca Luigi Barbaresco

    Made with verdi and natural raspberry aromas, lively, fizzy and fruity, Raspberry sparkletini is a sophisticated, delicately sweet spumante with an extraordinary raspberry aroma.

  • Bosca Luigi Barbera D Asti

    Bosca Luigi Barbera D Asti

  • Casali Del Barone Barbera 150 Plus 1

    Casali Del Barone Barbera 150 Plus 1

    Raspberry, cherry, blackberry and plum, as well as luxurious fadnuts of dark chocolate, coffee beans, cinnamon and carnations. Deliciously soft and fruity and a nice spicy finish. Pairs well with Pasta, BBQ and cheese

  • Cordero Barbera Dalba Doc

    Cordero Barbera Dalba Doc

    Mature fruit, cacao, prune, spicy, fragrant noseFull and fresh mouth, very soft tannins.

  • Coriole Barbera

    Coriole Barbera

  • Corte Antica Barbera Dasti

    Corte Antica Barbera Dasti

    Good deep ruby red in the glass, generous notes of chocolate raisins, some herbs and a little smoke. Mid bodied and well balanced, lovely mouth feel with silky tannins. Blackberry on the mid palate, very fresh, lively and fruity. Long warm finish.

  • Damilano Barbera Dalba La Blu

    Damilano Barbera Dalba La Blu

    A 100 percent Barbera vineyard that pleases the nostrils with an ample and complex scent, with fruit notes of blackberry and cherry, as well as spice notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and green pepper, with a fully body and a pleasant freshness and salinity.

  • Dezzani Ronchetti Barbera Dasti

    Dezzani Ronchetti Barbera Dasti

  • Marco Bonfante Stella Rossa Barbera D'asti

    Marco Bonfante Stella Rossa Barbera D'asti

    Displays blood plum and chocolate aromas. Full bodied palate with ripe blackberry, plum and chocolate flavours with toasty American oak contributing vanillin and coconut.

    This wine, from our own vineyards, spends several months of its life in oak casks, from whose wood the wine obtains its slight but characteristic tannic quality, tannins which then, in the bottle, mature into full and characteristic perfumes and flavours. It should be served with strong, tasty dishes: roasts, game, pork, strong or spicy cheeses, risottos and succulent first courses.

  • Palladino Barbera Doc

    Palladino Barbera Doc

    Intense ruby red. On ageing, develops dark red tinges. Vinous, intense, becomes ethereal and fragrant on ageing. Dry, crisp, full-bodied, with a pleasant tarry flavour.

    It adapts easily to any kind of food.

  • Pico Maccario Barbera Dasti Lavignone

    Pico Maccario Barbera Dasti Lavignone